Corporate & Commercial

In providing legal services to our corporate clientele, we at Scerri & Bonello Advocates adopt a pragmatic approach and seek to realise the full potential of our relations with clients, enabling us to fully understand their business needs. 

Our team offers comprehensive legal advice in relation to all aspects of Maltese Company Law that include:

In line with this, we are proud of the excellent relationships that we have built with the major local audit firms and financial services providers, further enabling us in assisting our corporate clients in complex financial transactions, as well as helping them address some of the most challenging business issues.  Our pro-active approach means that corporate clients are assisted every step of the way in negotiations, debt management strategies, contract drafting and the execution of such contracts.

With respect to industry, our team has developed an understanding of the needs of this fundamental economic sphere in these challenging times. We strive to assist in matters relating to business promotion, and in fiscal and banking issues. We also enjoy a good relationship with major banks and lending institutions. 

Our legal consultancy expertise extends to the marine, yachting and the aviation sphere.In particular, we have tendered advice to international organisations which represent, lead and serve the aviation industry in general.  

We guarantee a multi-disciplinary service to all our corporate clients and strive to provide a one-stop service to them.  In order to achieve this, we provide professional services in areas and sectors that are contingent upon a business concern. This includes employment and industrial relations wherein our firm provides advisory services and assists clients in industrial litigation including employment disputes.

At Scerri & Bonello Advocates we also understand that the incurring of debt and recovery is on the increase in today’s consumer society. Consequently, our team has established a structured process for the enforcement of credit claims and strives to assist our clients in all matters relative to debt management.

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